Right garage door to enhance home appearance and value

The garage door is the largest functional part of a home, and often an important part that we most often ignore. So, buying a garage door should not be a haphazard matter, but you need to choose carefully. According to a report from a remodeling magazine, a garage door replacement project is one of the significant home improvement projects that return more than 80% of your investment.

The garage door is more important when it is front and centre of a house. Then the door must be look attractive and can gain good recouping value when a house sells. Mostly these are made of wood, but aluminium doors in Australia are inexpensive and minimum maintenance cost.st.

Types of garage doors

There are principally four basic types of garage doors: swing out, swing up, roll up or slide to the side doors. These days aluminium doors in Melbourne come in all types and easy to maintenance. Aluminium doors are best in swing-out-carriage-house doors or sliding barn doors. This door can help you to clean your ceiling, otherwise popular door is roll-up door.

Before investing money on roll-up door, calculate the space between your ceiling and the top of the garage door opening. It will be at least 14 inches, else you can get install a low-headroom track, which cost you some extra money. You can also install distinctive tracks available in the market for for high ceiling or cathedral ceilings.

How will you choose the right style

Apart from functionality, styling is also important suited best with your house. For example, if you live in a Craftsman bungalow, swing-out doors can be a good option. However, swing-out-doors could be expensive depending on your ceiling or overhead framing. You can replace swing-out-doors with modern roll-up doors with faux strap hinges.

Whether you opt for traditional or modern, most of the styles showcase panels, trim and other intricacies. Doors with true frame-and-panel are robust, though they do not have ornamental details. Some people also have glass panels on the top row, which allows sunlight inside. For a chic style, you can install roll-up doors with shatterproof glass or frosted plastic body on the panels.

What are the common garage door materials

Wooden doors

Undoubtedly, wooden doors look classic and add charm to your home. Wooden doors can be fabricated locally with your supervision. The downside of wood it demands heavy maintenance like frequent repairing and refinishing. Moreover, wooden doors are expensive, though you can buy lightweight wooden doors with foam insulation in frames.

Steel garage doors

If you can’t give much time in maintenance, you can always opt for metal doors. Steel doors are good because it is inexpensive and tough. The downside of steel is, it rusts and dents.

Aluminium garage doors

Aluminium doors in Australia are common not only in garages but also in other parts of a home. These are inexpensive doors, now armed with heavy-duty extruded frames and dent-resistant laminated panels. Aluminium doors are rust proof and robust, with less expensive than steel and wood, these doors are foremost choice if you want maintenance free, less expensive wide double doors.

Mathew Smith is a business owner of home improvement items in Melbourne. He has an immense experience in dealing home improvement furniture along with security system, doors and windows. He has been dealing with aluminium doors in Australia for last 10 years and fix aluminium doors in Melbourne for more than 5 years.